Creatures of the Night

Series 1 - Episode 2 Creatures of the Night



Stella investigates a sexual assault in Central Park, a case hampered by the fact that the attacker left no DNA at the scene. Meanwhile, Mac and Aiden try to find the killer of a drug dealer - only to discover the fatal bullet has been swallowed by a rat. Starring Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes, Michele Hicks and Vanessa Ferlito.

Cast & Crew

Det Mac Taylor Gary Sinise
Det Stella Bonasera Melina Kanakaredes
Det Danny Messer Carmine Giovinazzo
Det Aiden Burn Vanessa Ferlito
Det Don Flack Eddie Cahill
Dr Sheldon Hawkes Hill Harper
Arnold Prescott William Russ
Robin Prescott Michele Hicks
AJ Dalton/AJ Mata Germaine De Leon
Karl Drewdetski David Marciano
Billy Rendish Fred Koehler
Director Tim Hunter
Writer Pam Veasey
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