Host the Week

Host the Week

Series 1 - Episode 1



You can tell this has been created by the production company behind BBC3’s improv-sitcom Murder in Successville: it takes the same (very good) idea and transplants it to an entertainment format. Gogglebox star and comedy natural Scarlett Moffatt is the first guinea pig, asked to act in topical sketches, present a chat show, front a satirical news programme and helm a game show with members of the public as contestants – the twist being that Moffatt hasn’t rehearsed or seen a script for any of it, but the show’s resident actors have.

Filmed “as live”, it also promises musical guests and surprise celebrity cameos. If Host the Week can capture some of the warm anarchy of Successville, and if it doesn’t just collapse before our eyes, it could be a riot.


Scarlett Moffatt is the guest host for this topical entertainment show, presented each week by a different celebrity. The twist is, the presenter has no rehearsal, no script and no idea of what is coming next, relying instead on a group of improvisers and comedians to guide them through as they deliver a comedy monologue, act in several sketches, interviews guests and anchor a news segment. The show even promises an appearance or two from a few familiar faces.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Scarlett Moffatt
Director John L Spencer
Executive Producer Richard Ackerman
Executive Producer Ben Cavey
Series Producer Carly Brooks
Series Producer Russell Balkind
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