Brexit Means Brexit: The Unofficial Version

Brexit Means Brexit: The Unofficial Version


A follow-up by film-maker Patrick Forbes to his tremendous Brexit: a Very British Coup?, returning to the subject almost a year later to get the inside story on what’s happened since. That documentary was fuelled by the betrayals, twists and shifting momentum of the campaigns both for Leave and for a new Tory leader. This one can’t offer such a clear narrative but it retains its impressive access to influential or outspoken politicians, with Nick Clegg, Emily Thornberry and Boris Johnson among those interviewed.

As well as the machinations that have underpinned the start of the Brexit process in government, we follow Nigel Farage to the US as he attempts to make a new home in Donald Trump’s lap, and shadow Gina Miller as she tries to check Brexit in the Supreme Court.


Award-winning director Patrick Forbes goes beyond the headlines to film the battle to govern Britain, after last year's Referendum vote on 23rd June 2016. Filmed over one extraordinary year since the public voted to leave the European Union, it is a story of low politics, high ambition and bitter personal animosities, with the biggest decision the country has faced in decades at stake. Can the Prime Minister tame the judges, the opposition, and finally the public to deliver Brexit?

Cast & Crew

Narrator Patrick Forbes
Contributor Nigel Farage
Contributor Nicolas Soames
Contributor Boris Johnson
Contributor Anna Soubry
Director Patrick Forbes
Executive Producer Nicolas Kent
Producer Claire Kavanagh
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