The Met: Policing London

The Met: Policing London

Series 2 - Episode 5



Metropolitan Police officer Paul Molyneux is about to retire after 30 years’ service. So he talks freely to the camera about life in The Job.

After arresting a PPO (Prolific Persistent Offender), captured after a high-speed, dangerous car pursuit, he tells us: “The police are running themselves ragged trying to catch [criminals] and then the courts let them go. That really p***** me off. I was a nice person when I joined [the Met], now I’m bitter cynical and twisted.”

He says this with a laugh, but you can tell he’s had enough and doesn’t care who knows it.

In another enthralling episode following officers on a series of investigations, we also eavesdrop on the murder of a disabled man, beaten to death in his own home, which was later set alight by the killer.


PC Paul Molyneux is on the hunt for Ealing's most wanted burglars. Staking out the park car of a well-known criminal, Paul and his colleague Katy are thrown into a 60mph car chase when he fails to stop for them. Meanwhile in Newham, east London, Detective Colin Shaw and his team work undercover to take down a group of drug dealers operating in the area, and elsewhere, a crucial lead has come through for murder detectives investigating the tragic death of an elderly man in north London.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Aysha Rafaele
Series Director Arron Fellows
Series Producer Shona Thompson