Ross Kemp: Extreme World


Series 6 - Episode 1 Texas



“Is America on the verge of a race war?” asks Kemp as his no-holds-barred investigative series returns. It’s possibly the most dispiriting hour of television I’ve seen for some time, as men (and it is almost entirely men) in Austin and Dallas exercise their Second Amendment right to carry assault rifles – openly in the street, virtually daring men of a different colour to challenge them.

The programme takes as its trigger point the shooting a year ago of five police officers by a black army veteran. Black Texans are setting up militia groups as they don’t believe the police are there to protect their communities, while the KKK claims its membership is rising – although its Grand Wizard is so abhorrent it’s hard to take a word he says seriously. What these groups do share is a belief that the election of Donald Trump has made the expression of appalling views a whole lot easier…


The actor travels to more of the most dangerous places on Earth, beginning by heading to Austin, Texas, to investigate growing racial tension in the wake of President Trump's election. He discovers hate groups are gaining in popularity and extremists on both sides are arming themselves for a race war, and speaks to members of the Ku Klux Klan and a black separatist militia group.