Killer Women with Piers Morgan

Killer Women with Piers Morgan

Series 2 - Episode 3



“Only in America!” might often be the subtitle of this series. Tonight that phrase is particularly fitting, as we meet Jennifer Mee, who had already been famous once when she went on trial for murder at the age of 19: four years earlier she’d appeared as the last item on every news programme in the nation. thanks to a debilitating case of hiccups that showed no signs of stopping. They had abated, and her media profile with them, by the time “the Hiccup Girl” lured a man into a Florida alley so he could be robbed – under state law, when he was shot and killed, Mee was culpable.

Mee and her family think a life sentence is too harsh. Can she take responsibility for her actions? And what does Mee’s troubled youth say about people who are shoved into the limelight without having achieved anything of note, then forgotten again?


The broadcaster meets Florida woman Jennifer Mee who, as a teenager, became a media sensation when she suffered a particularly strange ailment - a persistent case of hiccups. But in 2010, she lured a man to a dark alleyway where her friends were waiting to rob him. Instead he ended up being shot dead. Even though she didn't pull the trigger, and was nowhere near when the bullets were fired, Jennifer was sentenced to life without parole. Piers charts the journey through fame and rejection that saw Jennifer descend into a criminal lifestyle, and asks family members and legal experts if they believe her punishment was too harsh.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Piers Morgan
Executive Producer Stuart Cabb
Series Producer Kate Scholefield