Series 2 - Episode 15 Stalkerazzi



With the last ever episode of CSI Miami being screened on Channel 5 next Saturday night, fans of David Caruso and his slowly removed sunglasses can console themselves with some daytime repeats. In this 2004 episode a celebrity photographer working for the tabloids is found dead in his car following an accident. However, Lieutenant Horatio Caine and his team believe he was murdered.

The investigation leads them to some of the ritziest parts of town
and to an A-list movie star who was apparently caught in a compromising position by the photographer. But who’d commit murder over a photo of an action hero and some girl?


When a celebrity photographer is found dead in his car, Horatio and the team rule out the possibility of it being an accident, as all the evidence points to the involvement of a Hollywood star captured in a compromising position by the paparazzo. Drama, starring David Caruso and Emily Procter.

Cast & Crew

Horatio Caine David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne Emily Procter
Eric Delko Adam Rodriguez
Alexx Woods Khandi Alexander
Tim Speedle Rory Cochrane
Yelina Salas Sofia Milos
Tyler Jenson Brian Poth
Director Deran Sarafian
Writer Steven Maeda
Writer Elizabeth Devine
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