Series 2 - Episode 8



The King (“The King!”) arrives back at the palace from war in Holland and dismounts his horse, numb of buttock but clear of mind. He’s got big plans for Versailles: more prosperity and light-filled hallways, fewer mysterious poisonings.

The underlings gather with all the trepidation of an office team whose boss has just returned from a residential training course, but most of them are safe. Louis XIV is mainly concerned with Montespan, whose presence jeopardises Church support for his empirical ambitions, and Cassel, who cannot stop coughing. In Versailles, though, nobody falls out of favour without a fight, or at least a jolly good flounce.


Resolutions are tested as Louis XIV returns to Versailles vowing to purify his private life, while Madame de Montespan hopes to cement her place in his heart. The feelings of Philippe for Chevalier are rocked by an unexpected depth of concern for Princess Palatine, who shows symptoms of possible poisoning. Meanwhile, Fabien Marchal faces a personal appeal to review his refusal to return. George Blagden, Anna Brewster, Alexander Vlahos, Evan Williams, Jessica Clark and Tygh Runyan star in the sumptuous period drama.

Cast & Crew

King Louis XIV George Blagden
Philippe d'Orleans Alexander Vlahos
Athenais de Montespan Anna Brewster
Bontemps Stuart Bowman
Fabien Marchal Tygh Runyan
Chevalier Evan Williams
Cassel Pip Torrens
Sophie Maddison Jaizani
Queen Marie-Therese Elisa Lasowski
Princess Palatine Jessica Clark
Thomas Beaumont Mark Rendall
Mme Scarron Catherine Walker
Mme Agathe Suzanne Clement
Gaston de Foix Harry Hadden-Paton
Bishop Bossuet Geoffrey Bateman
Fr Etienne Ned Dennehy
Director Louis Choquette
Writer Andrew Bampfield
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