The Met: Policing London

The Met: Policing London

Series 2 - Episode 3



The stars of this series are always lowly constables, zipping about in a patrol car or running through estates trying to catch robbers and gang members – then snapping back into work banter mode seconds later. Tonight, Hackney PCs Dave and Paris deal with a seemingly infinite series of stabbings, stand-offs and phenomenally angry suspects, one of whom resorts to smashing his head against the inside of a police van when his ankles are duct-taped together. They also discuss whether One Dance by Drake is a summer banger.

In south-west London, there’s no room for frivolity when a 999 call comes in: a woman with Down’s syndrome says she’s been raped. Coaxing accurate details from her is a difficult, delicate task.


Police deal with the stabbing of a young man in Hackney over a Bank Holiday weekend, but as he is taken to hospital another emergency call comes in, and a second stabbing has also taken place less than a mile away. Meanwhile, detectives from The Metropolitan Police's Sexual Offences Unit try to gather evidence against a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman with Down's Syndrome, and police in South East London deal with staff in newsagents and supermarkets who have been targeted by masked gunmen.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Aysha Rafaele
Series Director Arron Fellows
Series Producer Shona Thompson