Series 3 - Episode 1



A lot has been written in the media recently about how a couple of discount supermarkets are eating into the profits of the big four supermarkets with their cut-price lines and bulk buying. Yet on a trip to the snack aisle, Anna Richardson and Andi Osho make a surprising discovery about Lidl’s prices.

Also on the pair’s shopping checklist is the high-street chain of health stores Holland and Barrett because they want to know whether they really do offer good value. They also do a comparison test on running tops between expensive Nike and cheap Decathlon, and road-test one-hour supermarket deliveries. How will Sainsbury do against Amazon?


Anna Richardson and Andi Osho return with the consumer show filled with money-saving shopping tips and revelations. This first episode visits the snack aisle and finds out that Lidl isn't as cheap as some might expect. They also examine whether Holland & Barrett are good value for money, and have a glimpse of the future with one-hour supermarket delivery.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Anna Richardson
Presenter Andi Osho
Executive Producer Nicole Kleeman
Series Producer Julie Grant