Twin Peaks: The Return

Part Five

Series 1 - Episode 5 Part Five



We shouldn’t have expected anything else. So far this reboot has been simultaneously brilliant and almost unwatchable, often resembling the kind of video installation you get in an art gallery more than a regular TV drama. With dozens of storylines (if that’s not too strong a word) it’s impossible to know what will tumble next from David Lynch’s baffling world – an eyeless woman in a space box? A man spraying shovels gold? Or Laura Palmer lifting off her own face? Whatever it is, it won’t be dull.


Twenty five years after the investigation into Laura Palmer's murder, the mystery returns. Written by the original creators David Lynch and Mark Frost.

Cast & Crew

Laura Palmer Sheryl Lee
Dr Lawrence Jacoby Russ Tamblyn
Shelly Johnson Madchen Amick
Leland Palmer Ray Wise
Dale Cooper Kyle MacLachlan
Bobby Briggs Dana Ashbrook
Big Ed Hurley Everett McGill
Sarah Palmer Grace Zabriskie
Lucy Moran Kimmy Robertson
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