Series 2 - Episode 7



King Louis XIV of France and Holland’s William of Orange glare at one another from opposite ends of a dining table. It’s during a pause in war and the men have arrived at a convent to talk about manly things such as battles and wars and stuff.

But Louis (George Blagdon) is tempted by a nubile nun and tormented by hallucinatory, sweaty and bizarre dreams. Back at court the Queen launches an inquiry into the recent debauchery and resulting tragedy, while Philippe’s frustrated Sloane-y wife tries to make the best of having a gay husband. She’s so game she even tries to make friends with his unhappy lover.


Secret discussions and unexpected close encounters occur through the court and beyond as a weary Louis XIV is offered an opportunity to change the course of his conflict with William of Orange. However, it is a face from the King's past that brings his mental crisis to a climax. Tensions increase as mistrustful Madame de Montespan suspects her devout friend Madame Scarron also has feelings for Louis. George Blagden, George Webster, Anna Brewster and Catherine Walker star in the sumptuous period drama.

Cast & Crew

King Louis XIV George Blagden
Philippe d'Orleans Alexander Vlahos
Athenais de Montespan Anna Brewster
Queen Marie-Therese Elisa Lasowski
Bontemps Stuart Bowman
William of Orange George Webster
Fabien Marchal Tygh Runyan
Princess Palatine Jessica Clark
Mme Scarron Catherine Walker
Chevalier Evan Williams
Thomas Beaumont Mark Rendall
Louvois Joe Sheridan
Colbert Steve Cumyn
Sister Hermione Hannah Arterton
Luxembourg Nathan Willcocks
Henriette Noemie Schmidt
Director Mike Barker
Writer Andrew Bampfield
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