The Good Shepherd

Series 1 - Episode 4 The Good Shepherd



After last week’s Really Terrible Idea, when haunted detective Chloé baited a trap for an acolyte of serial killer Béranger – and look how that turned out – she does another stupid thing.

She takes Béranger to visit his ailing mum, with just a monk to accompany her. Yes, when you’re in a people carrier with a multiple murderer driving through dense Belgian forest and things get difficult, you can always rely on a monk to help you out.

Again, Chloé makes some breathtakingly bad decisions that will leave you yelling, “No! Don’t do that! Can’t you see what’s going to happen?!” By the end, your sympathies will probably be with the idiot local vigilantes.


Chloe is forced to accompany Beranger on a visit to his dying mother, whilst back in Vielsart a birthday party gets out of hand.

Cast & Crew

Chloe Muller Stephanie Blanchoud
Michael Charlier Jean-Jacques Rausin
Guy Beranger Angelo Bison
Lucas Stassart Clement Manuel
Patrick Stassart Philippe Jeusette
Judith Stassart Laura Sepul
Vincent Stassart Vincent Londez
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