The Met: Policing London

The Met: Policing London

Series 2 - Episode 2



There’s an epidemic of phone snatching in London, where mainly teenage boys on mopeds and bicycles mount pavements to grab devices from unsuspecting, preoccupied members of the public.

Sergeant Steve Brown knows lots of the kids responsible – and they are kids, the age of those arrested has dropped to between 15 and 17 – and they know him. When he and colleagues stop and search a little group of cocky boys suspected of multiple thefts (two stolen mopeds have been recovered round the corner) they get a lot of cheek: “You’re searching me for no reason… it’s like you like touching little kids.”

The most mouthy of the gesticulating gang is on bail for 15 phone snatches; “Fifteen, brother,” boasts the boy, “that’s a real man number.”

It’s another chilling, unsettling look at the virulence of crime on the capital’s streets.


Detectives deal with a long-running turf war between gangs in Harlesden, where a young man has been shot, another innocent casualty of a violent gang feud. Elsewhere in Islington, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe visits a grieving family who lost their son in a police pursuit, although the officers believe it was reckless driving that caused his death, while an officer with almost 20 years' experience leads his team on a pursuit to intercept a car suspected of carrying a gun, a last-resort tactic known as an armed stop.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Aysha Rafaele
Series Director Arron Fellows
Series Producer Shona Thompson