Nigel Haworth

Series 2 - Episode 1 Nigel Haworth



Essentially a MasterChef-style competition, this daily series even has a former Celebrity MC contestant – Sheree Murphy – as presenter. She’s joined each day by a different award winning chef (are there any left cooking in restaurants or do they all spend their working lives on TV now?) who scrutinises the food produced by three home cooks and picks one of them to partner him or her in a high-adrenaline cook-off final.

Where this differs from many cookery competitions is that the professionals demonstrate how to make certain dishes and even share culinary tips … although quite often their helpful suggestions are along the lines of “Don’t get in my way”.


Return of the culinary challenge hosted by Sheree Murphy in which leading chefs choose their perfect partner from three home cooks, beginning with Nigel Haworth.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Sheree Murphy
Contributor Nigel Haworth
Series Producer Vicky Thomas