Great Canal Journeys: India

Great Canal Journeys: India

Series 7



The ever-game Timothy West and Prunella Scales take to the water again. Their latest odyssey is the most far-flung yet, exploring the backwaters of India. These programmes are always a pleasure to watch: a typical scene here sees them drift along a beautiful Keralan waterway with a glass of wine at their elbow, as Tim reads a poem and the sun goes down over the palm trees.

It’s TV travelogue like no other, enchanting, with dashes of history — a ginger warehouse where you can smell the story of the spice trade, for instance — and little reflections on growing old. Says Pru: “It’s important to keep looking forward.”


The first of two programmes in which Timothy West and Prunella Scales explore India by canal boat. The trip begins in Kerala, a region of palm-fringed lakes, rivers and British-built canals which has had a thriving spice trade for thousands of years. They explore a boat built by a local ruler and make offerings at a temple, while Pru learns a traditional dance.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Timothy West
Presenter Prunella Scales
Executive Producer Daniela Neumann
Series Director Mike Taylor
Series Producer Mike Taylor