A Touch of Frost

Paying the Price

Series 4 - Episode 1 Paying the Price



Jack's house burns down, forcing him to move in with a colleague. At work, he becomes involved in the search for a kidnapper after a young woman disappears. Long-running crime drama, starring David Jason, Bruce Alexander, John Lyons and Marc Warren.

Cast & Crew

DI Jack Frost David Jason
Supt Stanley Mullett Bruce Alexander
DS Toolan John Lyons
Graham McCardy Marc Warren
Sue Venables Linda Henry
Pauline Venables Camille Coduri
Karl Edwards Danny Webb
Linda Brook Ysobel Gonzalez
PC Claire Toms Colette Brown
DC Howard Jon Sotherton
Sgt Don Brady James McKenna
Jo Thorn Juanne Fuller
Michelle Robins Emma Cunniffe
Doctor Olwen May
Pathologist David Gooderson
PC Simms George Thompson
DC Ketley Jim Shepley
Store manager Richard Stone
Fire Officer Owen Aaronovitch
Director Ross Devenish
Executive Producer David Reynolds
Executive Producer Richard Bates
Executive Producer Philip Burley
Producer Simon Lewis
Writer Christopher Russell
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