Cop Killer

Series 3 - Episode 13 Cop Killer



A patrolman is murdered during a routine traffic stop, and Horatio and the team discover the vehicle used during the crime was driven by a 16-year-old student. She denies being involved in the killing and immediately implicates someone else, but tests on the recovered murder weapon suggest she is lying. The girl's mother continues to defend her, until events take a dramatic turn.

Cast & Crew

Horatio Caine David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne Emily Procter
Eric Delko Adam Rodriguez
Ryan Wolfe Jonathan Togo
Alexx Woods Khandi Alexander
Yelina Salas Sofia Milos
Frank Tripp Rex Linn
Tyler Jenson Brian Poth
Director Jonathan Glassner
Writer Steven Maeda
Writer Krystal Houghton
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