Seeing Red

Series 7 - Episode 25 Seeing Red



Ivan Sarnoff escapes from prison, only for his bid for freedom to be interrupted by an assassination attempt organised by his fellow Russian mobsters. While Horatio works together with an undercover Yelina to locate the missing gangster, Delko ignores Calleigh's warning and tries to help free his criminal father - but his efforts place his own life in danger. Crime drama, starring Andrew Divoff and Sofia Milos.

Cast & Crew

Horatio Caine David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne Emily Procter
Eric Delko Adam Rodriguez
Ryan Wolfe Jonathan Togo
Frank Tripp Rex Linn
Natalia Boa Vista Eva LaRue
Yelina Salas Sofia Milos
Ivan Sarnoff Andrew Divoff
Gregor Kasparov Mark Ivanir
Dr Sarah Fordham Tamlyn Tomita
Todd Harris Vicellous Reon Shannon
Alexander Sharova Rade Serbedzija
Anthony Green Brian Austin Green
Jacob Yarovski Boris Kievsky
Peter Morenko Yevgeniy Kartashov
Nathan Bertram Ben Bray
Officer Miller Ryan Scharoun
Young officer John Dugan
Armed guard Malcolm Foster Smith
Director Joe Chappelle
Writer Barry O'Brien
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