Mexico: Earth's Festival of Life

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Burning North

Series 1 - Episode 3 Burning North



What you really want from a nature programme is wild behaviour you haven’t seen before, ideally something with a bit of drama to it, the wow factor. Tonight’s opening sequence isn’t quite racer snakes and baby iguanas but it is special and it does involve a snake.

We’re with the black-tailed prairie dogs of northern Mexico’s dry grasslands. In May their six-week-old pups emerge from the burrow to display a level of fluffy cuteness that a Mattel soft-toy designer might consider a bit much.

But a bullsnake is on the hunt for a snack and the dad prairie dog’s reaction is fantastic – simultaneously terrified of the snake and determined to protect his offspring from peril. It’s a lovely sequence.


The series concludes by exploring the north of the country, which is dominated by two deserts - the Sonoran and the Chihuahuan. The programme explores the conditions that have shaped this environment, and reveals how animals including prairie dogs, pygmy owls and aplomado falcons have adapted to thrive in these arid conditions.

Cast & Crew

Producer Stuart Armstrong
Series Producer Patrick Morris