Game Over

Series 3 - Episode 6 Game Over



The final instalment of the French political drama threatens to be explosive, as it wades further and further into Homeland territory, and journalist Apolline finds herself the target of radicalised young woman Aïcha, whom she met in the Middle East.

President Marjorie's decision to call a referendum on the voting system raises tensions - already at fever pitch - in the lead-up to the general election. Deleuvre's switch in allegiances has a great impact on the results, while Desmeuze learns a lesson about loyalty, and Simon Kapita is forced to ask himself if it's really worth dying for politics. Sharp, captivating and often genuinely thrilling, Spin will be missed.


Determined to fight for his re-election and convinced that he will be able to regain control, President Marjorie is galvanised by the personal news he has received and does not hesitate to take risks by holding a vital referendum. This will be double or quits for Marjorie - who risks losing everything. Nicolas Marie and Carole Bouquet star. In French. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Elisabeth Marjorie Carole Bouquet
Simon Kapita Bruno Wolkowitch
Alain Marjorie Nicolas Marie
Ludovic Desmeuze Gregory Fitoussi
Clemence Parodi Rachida Brakni
Maxime Beaugendre Laurent Lucas
Robert Palissy Yves Pignot
Apolline Vremler Emmanuelle Bach
Philippe Deleuvre Philippe Magnan
Anne-Marie Carrere Sophie-Charlotte Husson
Karen Jina Djemba
Annie Vaneck Anne Loiret
Helene Sacco Anne Benoit
Alcha Camille de Leu
Maitre Kelner Christophe Brault
Marianne Joly Sarah Grappin
Bataille Marc Pierret
Caroline Vitoz Claude Perron
Judge Nadege Magnier Francoise Gillard
Gerard Voisin Francois Podetti
Catherine Voisin Edith Le Merdy
Martin Palissy Guillaume Marquet
Aline Joly Marie Pascale Grenier
Joel Joly Mario Macquand
Margot Jennifer Gold
Abdel Tony Zarouel
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