Count Arthur Strong

Count Arthur's House of Horrors

Series 3 - Episode 1 Count Arthur's House of Horrors



Count Arthur Strong may go against the comedy grain – today's prevailing trend is for edgy, cynical, potty-mouthed – but for his loyal fans, that is precisely why he is to be cherished. So the Count’s return for a third, richly deserved series (and finally in a family-friendly slot) is a real cause for celebration. With a large cup of tea perhaps.

As played by Steve Delaney, the delusional former music-hall star is a cross between Enid Blyton’s Mr Twiddle (bow tie, glasses, trilby) and Sheridan’s Mrs Malaprop (“I do have experience in the world of extra-sensory contraception”).

And in a deceptively simple set-up, the ageing impresario has mini-adventures with fellow frequenters of Bulent’s Café: neurotic Michael (the wonderful Rory Kinnear), shady John the Watch (Andy Linden), timid Eggy (Dave Plimmer), the volcanic Bulent himself (Chris Ryman), his sweet but mischievous sister Sinem (Zahra Ahmadi) and now new customer Birdie (Bronagh Gallagher). Deceptive, because the stories are cunningly crafted by Delaney and Graham Lineman, and they beat with a heart that must fill other writers with envy.

Tonight, Arthur’s “psychic” skills are required in an Exorcist-flavoured fiasco that is so stupendously silly it possesses a kind of beauty.

He may plough his own comedy furrow, but what a hilariously wonky furrow.


New series. Eternally optimistic ex-variety star Arthur Strong is enlisted to rid a haunted house of its demonic occupants. However, his bid requires spending an evening in the problematic property. Comedy, starring Steve Delaney and Rory Kinnear.

Cast & Crew

Count Arthur Strong Steve Delaney
Michael Baker Rory Kinnear
John the Watch Andy Linden
Bulent Chris Ryman
Sinem Zahra Ahmadi
Eggy Dave Plimmer
Birdie Bronagh Gallagher
Monica Pandora Colin
Philippa Hermione Gulliford
Young Michael Toby Nash
Director Richard Boden
Director Graham Linehan
Executive Producer Jon Rolph
Executive Producer Richard Daws
Producer Richard Boden
Writer Graham Linehan
Writer Steve Delaney
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