The Supervet

Series 9 - Episode 5



Sometimes Noel Fitzpatrick works his surgical miracles only for the animal’s owner not to follow his post-operative instructions. “How strict do I have to be?” he asks, semi-seriously when, after repairing a cat’s shattered leg (“It’s like a bag of marbles”), it’s rushed back to him having fallen off a windowsill. The recurring problem, as Noel knows, is that both the animal and the owner think everything is fixed, when in fact the wounds aren’t totally healed.

Also on his operating table is a pug that needs a full elbow replacement and a border collie with a bulging spinal disc that’s squishing his nerves and causing him incredible pain.


Expats Dave and Sue arrive at the surgery after a 500-mile trip from France to bring their border collie Kaspar, who has a leg pain that is proving hard to diagnose. An eight-year-old pug needs surgery on its elbow, and an Egyptian Mau cat is rushed into Fitzpatrick's after fracturing its knee in a fall from a second-floor balcony. Noel goes ahead with surgery on the complex fracture, but if there are any complications the kitten may face amputation.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Alex Sutherland
Series Producer Lucy Kennedy