Your Face or Mine

Harry and Charlotte

Series 1 - Episode 1 Harry and Charlotte



Remember Your Face or Mine? 2002? Channel 4? Jimmy Carr and June Sarpong invited couples onto the show to judge the attractiveness of a group of celebrities, then strangers, then acquaintances, then themselves? Me neither. But it's back, ostensibly the same as it was, only this time Carr's partner is Katherine Ryan and the tedious expression “on fleek” is banded about a bit more.

Yes, it's a bit of light, idle fun. And if you're a purveyor of the dating app, or indeed a human raised in the aesthetically driven developed world, you're already conditioned to cruelly and swiftly dismiss others based on looks alone. But should we be encouraging it – in a society that perpetuates comparison and insecurity, to our great detriment?

There's almost a case for pernicious, vacuous, outdated comedy if it manages to be funny. This, however, does not.


Comedy game show in which couples have to guess how attractive they appear to the public, the studio audience and a selection of surprise guests. Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan present.