Nature's Miniature Miracles: Natural World

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Nature's Miniature Miracles: Natural World

Series 36

Sunday 8pm - 9pm BBC Four
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Monday, 2am - 3am BBC Four


Small animals face big problems. That’s the theme here in a compilation of survival stories, some of which may look familiar from other BBC series like Life Story and Hidden Kingdoms. It’s a sort of Now That’s What I Call Nature greatest hits package: there’s the arty Japanese puffer fish who carves out an elegant cart-wheel pattern in the sand as a mating arena to attract a female.

There’s the little epaulette shark who can walk from one rock pool to the next on the Great Barrier Reef. And my favourite, the jumping spider in Australia who is no bigger than a grain of rice and stages one of the most macabre mating rituals there is.


Documentary telling how the world's smallest animals manage to survive, revealing how they have evolved extraordinary skills and achieved mindboggling feats. From the animal kingdom's greatest artist to the tiny creatures that provide people with so much of the air they breathe, the programme discovers what it takes to be a miniature miracle. Hugh Dennis narrates.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Hugh Dennis
Producer Lucy Smith
Series Editor Roger Webb