Pointless Celebrities


Series 10 - Episode 25 Comedy



Well, this should be a good laugh because it’s a comedy edition. Pointless Celebrities newcomer Barry Cryer gets it off to a promising start when he politely complains that he thought he was being partnered with Omar Sharif. In fact he’s standing next to Omid Djalili. After that it gets quite serious.

Most of the pairs are evenly matched throughout the rounds but one team sadly crash and burn with their first answer. Among the subjects they’re quizzed on is Doctor Who, things or people with a compass point in their name and (much harder than you’d think) recording artists who have sung about food.


Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman invite another selection of famous faces to take part in the unorthodox general knowledge quiz. As always, the challengers are tasked with producing the least likely correct answers to a series of questions posed to members of the public. This time, all the contestants come from the world of comedy, as Andi Osho teams up with Holly Walsh, Kevin Eldon joins forces with Dave Johns, Barry Cryer works alongside Omid Djalili, and Stephen Frost throws his lot in with Helen Atkinson-Wood.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alexander Armstrong
Co-host Richard Osman
Contestant Andi Osho
Contestant Holly Walsh
Contestant Kevin Eldon
Contestant Dave Johns
Contestant Barry Cryer
Contestant Omid Djalili
Contestant Stephen Frost
Contestant Helen Atkinson-Wood
Executive Producer James Fox
Executive Producer Tamara Gilder
Executive Producer Dom Waugh
Series Producer John Ryan
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