The Truth About Sleep

The Truth About Sleep

Series 3



Sleep, Macbeth observed, “knits up the ravell’d sleeve of care… [is the] balm of hurts minds… Chief nourisher in life’s feast.” And he’s a man who knew a thing or two about insomnia. He was the chap who murdered sleep, after all.

Chronic bad-sleep and human guinea pig Michael Mosley, who actually gave up being a doctor because he “becomes really, really grumpy when my sleep is cut”, looks at why Britain is such a sleep-deprived nation, costing the country nearly £40 billion a year in days off and lack of productivity.

And this isn’t just about being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning, a chronic lack of sleep could possibly lead to Type 2 diabetes and obesity. “Put simply,” says Mosley, “I found when I was sleep-deprived, my blood sugars went into a pre-diabetic range. That was kind of worrying.”


Medical journalist and chronic insomniac Michael Mosley journeys into the world of sleep, finding out what it is and what happens to someone if they do not get enough. Michael seeks to discover whether his own insomnia runs in the family, sending off a blood sample for DNA analysis, and meets Dr Eleanor Scott in Leeds who is doing research into a possible link between Type 2 diabetes and lack sleep. He also looks at possible ways in which people can go about getting a better night's sleep, including a visit to a project in Denmark to find out if a night under the stars can reset his body clock.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Michael Mosley
Director Russell England
Editor Toby Farrell
Executive Producer Lisa Edwards
Executive Producer Emma Lorenz
Producer Russell England
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