Food Unwrapped

Series 11 - Episode 4



Monday nights are already stuffed with foodie TV, but you may want to try to squeeze in another morsel with this investigative show. It’s a revisit of some of the team’s favourite overseas reports from previous series.

Jimmy Doherty takes a boozy trip to Mauritius to find out what the difference is between dark and white rum; Matt Tebbutt visits the beautiful Amalfi coast in Italy, home to the best anchovies, to find out why the tinned ones are so salty while fresh ones are not; And Kate Quilton goes to a colourful factory in California to discover exactly what goes into making a jelly bean.


Kate Quilton heads to California to investigate alternative dairy products at one of California's leading producers of almond milk, before meeting a scientist who has been raising genetically engineered goats whose milk he hopes might one day save half a million lives every year. Jimmy Doherty teams up with a fish detective on a covert mission buying and testing fish in Edinburgh to make sure it is the real deal, while Matt Tebbutt finds out what goes into spreadable butter.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Matt Tebbutt
Presenter Kate Quilton
Presenter Jimmy Doherty
Executive Producer Nicola Pointer
Series Editor Sandy Watson