Inspector George Gently

Gently and the New Age

Series 8 - Episode 2 Gently and the New Age



It’s the last-ever investigation for television’s most decent, most dour, most curmudgeonly cop, and dear George Gently (Martin Shaw) goes out doing what he does best, searching for the truth.

Richard Harrington (the detective in Hinterland on BBC4) is handsome, charismatic Michael Clements, a 1970s Labour politician with a weakness for women who expects a cabinet post once the tottering Heath government falls.

He’s spearheading an ambitious new development but is overwhelmed by scandal after Gently is called upon to reopen the investigation into the murder of a young girl.

Meanwhile, the disgraced Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) investigates the murder of a worker who tries to cross a picket line during a violent industrial dispute. Soon both investigations mesh and the detectives face some very dark establishment forces.

For jaded Gently, though, there’s time to stare out to sea and remember his dead, adored wife…


The final episode of the detective drama sees Gently testifying against corrupt Met officers as he prepares to retire from the force. However, he is persuaded to take on one final investigation - re-opening the case of a woman who was murdered four years previously. Gently's search for the truth leads him to investigate a reforming politician who is tipped to become the next prime minister and uncover a web of political intrigue that places Bacchus and Rachel in danger. Starring Martin Shaw, Lee Ingleby and Lisa McGrillis.

Cast & Crew

John Bacchus Lee Ingleby
George Gently Martin Shaw
Rachel Coles Lisa McGrillis
Michael Clements Richard Harrington
Ian Lister Adam Levy
Adele Watson Naomi Frederick
Owen Thompson Steven Robertson
Eddie Paton Tom Andrews
DI Harry Malachi Louis Hilyer
Donnelly David Prosho
Taylor Simon Hubbard
Liz Paton Michelle Bonnard
Impressionist Jon Culshaw
Mrs Pierce Rachel Bavidge
Kiran Johal Mandeep Dhillon
Wiggins Grant Gillespie
Dr Bob Anderton Don Gallagher
Senior officer Phil Corbitt
Alan Croxley Christopher Brand
Johnny Wilson/Mark Hogg Geoffrey Breton
Tina Hogg Katie West
Prosecuting counsel Damien Matthews
Defence counsel Roger Barclay
Reporter Pip Chamberlin
Director Bryn Higgins
Executive Producer Claire Ingham
Executive Producer Peter Flannery
Executive Producer Michele Buck
Producer Dominic Barlow
Writer Robert Murphy
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