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The Pyramid at the End of the World

Series 10 - Episode 7 The Pyramid at the End of the World



While poor Bill’s love life is scuppered by another unlikely VIP visit — this time the UN Secretary General! – a blind and brooding Doctor is having a While My Guitar Gently Weeps moment in the Tardis. But there’s no time for musings on mortality: a pyramid has suddenly appeared in the centre of a potential warzone involving the Chinese, Russians and Americans. So what’s it doing there?

Well, this doomsday scenario with a hint of Stargate and even the odd bit of Bond reacquaints us with the monastic monstrosities who nearly excommunicated our heroes. It’s a tense, zippy tale, which, with its simmering international relations, feels very “now”. And barring the odd cartoonish implausibility, it confirms how delightfully Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie (Bill) and Matt Lucas (Nardole) work as a team... even if it does make you shout at the screen at the Doctor’s maddening behaviour.


The Doctor, Bill and Nardole find themselves in the middle of a war-zone, as Chinese, Russian and American forces stand poised to clash. At the centre of the field of battle is a 5,000-year-old pyramid, and while there are many problems with the situation presented, the Doctor is concerned with only one - there was no pyramid there yesterday. With the three opposing forces promising mutually assured destruction, and every clock in the world counting down to Earth's ruin, an offer of help arrives in the form of a message from an alien race. To avoid annihilation, humanity must willingly become slaves for their would-be saviours. Sci-fi drama, starring Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor Peter Capaldi
Bill Potts Pearl Mackie
Nardole Matt Lucas
Secretary General Togo Igawa
The Commander Nigel Hastings
Col Don Brabbit Eben Young
Erica Rachel Denning
Douglas Tony Gardner
Ilya Andrew Bryon
Xiaolian Daphne Cheung
Monk Jamie Hill
Voice of the Monks Tim Bentinck
Director Daniel Nettheim
Executive Producer Brian Minchin
Executive Producer Steven Moffat
Producer Peter Bennett
Writer Steven Moffat
Writer Peter Harness
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