Salesmen Are Like Vampires

Series 1 - Episode 1 Salesmen Are Like Vampires



Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick) is a fast-talking double glazing salesman/charmer/lothario in writer Damon Beesley’s personal journey back to the 1980s’ Essex of his youth (and his dad’s job).

Beesley has also recruited James Buckley and Joe Thomas, two of the leads from his Channel 4 comedy hit The Inbetweeners, and the banter-heavy territory feels both similar and familiar: Buckley’s Fitzpatrick is another unprincipled smoothie while Thomas’s Lavender is a failed musician whose avarice usually helps him overcome any refined, considered impulses.

It’s sharply written, looks great and the tunes are fab, but you’ll need to be seduced by our main man – who constantly tries to take the viewer into his confidence with frequent direct-to-camera asides – to get properly suckered into this. Vincent is as odious as he is compelling, and his appeal could eventually wear off.


Comedy drama about a double-glazing showroom in Essex in the 1980s, where the unscrupulous sales team of Brian Fitzpatrick and Martin Lavender is led by the charismatic Vincent Swan. In the first episode, the team bet on whether Fitzpatrick can pull off the ultimate salesman's con, and Vincent's attempt to convince an old colleague to join the double glazing business takes an unexpected turn. Starring Ed Westwick, James Buckley and Joe Thomas.

Cast & Crew

Vincent Swan Ed Westwick
Fitzpatrick James Buckley
Lavender Joe Thomas
Carol Lauren O'Rourke
Sam Linzey Cocker
Tony Walsh Nigel Lindsay
Brendan Lloyd Hutchinson
Natalie Charlee Lou Borthwick
Robbie Bobby Smalldridge
Mrs Brown Yvonne D'Alpra
Mr Solomon Anthony Adiekum
Terry Pau Garner
Dicky Tom Andrews
Mark Andy Gibbins
Laura Georgia Gasson
Gill Nicola Stapleton
Director Damon Beesley
Producer Phil Gilbert
Writer Damon Beesley
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