The Met: Policing London

The Met: Policing London

Series 2 - Episode 1



A truculent homeless man, sweaty and aggressive from the effects of spice, a synthetic cannabis, is yelling at a group of Metropolitan Police officers, “I hate you lot, but at the same time I f***ing love you lot.”

It’s a mixed message, but the police take it in their stride. At least the ranting man won’t be bothering members of the public, says police constable Laura. With her oppo Oz she rides London’s streets dealing with, among many other things, a dim request from an American tourist at 4am in Piccadilly Circus: “Is there any way we could get a ride home?” He’s politely told, “We don’t do lifts, there are plenty of buses.”

This enthralling documentary series takes us right into the thick of policing a capital of nearly nine million people, including when events turn ugly on a hot summer night and Oz and Laura are called to an impromptu party-turned-riot in Hyde Park. There are brutal stabbings.


New series. Documentary following officers from Britain's biggest and busiest police force as they deal with life, death, crime and its victims across London. In the first episode, police constables Laura Walker and Oz Bhatti patrol the streets of Westminster, but are later called upon as back up when an impromptu summer party in Hyde Park descends into chaos. Meanwhile in Stratford, East London, Sergeant Vicky Kneale responds to concerns from local residents about the borough's prostitution problem.

Cast & Crew

Director Mark Casebow
Editor Alistair Martin
Executive Producer Aysha Rafaele
Producer Emma Jones
Producer Laura McMenemy
Producer Lindsey Mace
Producer Emma Whitehead
Series Director Arron Fellows
Series Producer Shona Thompson
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