The Durrells

Series 2 - Episode 2



Parenting: it’s all Greek to Louisa Durrell. Sometimes she’s too lenient – not noticing that 11-year-old Gerry had been out all night looking for a female otter is perhaps being a bit too free and easy. Sometimes she doesn’t give her children enough maternal support – being too busy to bother reading Larry’s just-published book is so insensitive that even nice but dim Leslie is moved to reproach her.

Inevitably her attempts to be more hands-on and caring end in disaster. Moments to savour include Spiros bringing Gerry a gift of two “magempies”; the entire family getting drunk on Leslie’s home-made kumquat liqueur; and the normally grouchy Lugaretzia gleefully riding a bike through a washing line before ending up in a bush. Charming, heart-warming and slightly silly, it’s perfect feel-good TV.


Larry's latest novel is being published in England - but his siblings do not seem to be very impressed, his mother is more concerned with baking food to sell at the market, and even his attempts to show off in a local bar go unnoticed. Louisa attempts to make it up to him by organising a public reading. Leslie overhears Pavlos explaining to Margo how he makes liquor out of kumquats, and decides to launch a business venture brewing his own - but his sister does not approve of stealing the monk's recipe.

Cast & Crew

Louisa Durrell Keeley Hawes
Larry Durrell Josh O'Connor
Gerald Durrell Milo Parker
Margo Durrell Daisy Waterstone
Leslie Durrell Callum Woodhouse
Florence Petridis Lucy Black
Mr Kralefsky Vernon Dobtcheff
Spiros Halikiopoulos Alexis Georgoulis
Theo Stephanides Yorgos Karamihos
Hugh Jarvis Daniel Lapaine
Vasilia Prifona Errika Bigiou
Pavlos Nikos Orestis Chaniotakis
Senior monk Thanos Sakellariou
Lugaretzia Anna Savva
Director Steve Barron
Dramatised By Simon Nye
Executive Producer Simon Nye
Executive Producer Sally Woodward Gentle
Executive Producer Lee Morris
Producer Christopher Hall
Writer Gerald Durrell
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