Brian Johnson's A Life on the Road

Roger Daltrey

Series 1 - Episode 1 Roger Daltrey



The AC/DC frontman knows all about the tough reality of life on tour. After he had to pull out of the band’s Rock or Bust World Tour last year he said, “I’m just thankful, really, that I came out of it in one piece.” So now he talks to other old rockers such as Robert Plant, Nick Mason and Lars Ulrich about the sleepless nights, wrecked hotel rooms and general hedonism. He starts with Roger Daltrey, who talks to him about how the Who was transformed from a quirky art-rock group into stadium-filling rock gods after the release of Tommy in 1969.


The AC/DC frontman meets some of rock 'n' roll's biggest names to share stories about what life is really like on tour, beginning with the Who's Roger Daltrey.