Tabloid Politics

Series 3 - Episode 3 Tabloid Politics



In its native France, this addictive series is called Les hommes de l’ombre – which, literally translated, means “the shadow men” – but I’m glad they changed it to Spin over here. Obviously, it’s politics, so spin doctors abound, but I like to think it’s because in any given scene, at least three of the characters are so panic stricken, quick-tempered and frenzied that they look like their heads might just spin clean off.

As ever, tonight’s episode simmers at fever pitch, as President Marjorie, his team, and his mistress, government minister Clémence Parodi, scramble to weather the media storm as photos are published of the pair in flagrante delicto. His estranged wife Elisabeth, out in the Middle East, only finds out when she sees the tabloids. Irresistible stuff.


In the run-up to a presidential election, an assassination sends shockwaves through the corridors of power and President Alain Marjorie is forced to fight fire on all fronts. Apolline gets close to the end of her investigation in Lebanon, only to be kidnapped by a terrorist group. A crisis centre is set up, while Kapita and Marjorie set out to thwart the attacks of the opposition. The highly ambitious Anne-Marie Carrere - advised by Ludovic Desmeuze - does not hesitate to use the most ruthless means possible to shake the presidency and get rid of her rival Philippe Deleuvre. Nicolas Marie, Apolline Vremier and Sophie-Charlotte Husson star. In French.

Cast & Crew

Elisabeth Marjorie Carole Bouquet
Simon Kapita Bruno Wolkowitch
Alain Marjorie Nicolas Marie
Ludovic Desmeuze Gregory Fitoussi
Clemence Parodi Rachida Brakni
Maxime Beaugendre Laurent Lucas
Robert Palissy Yves Pignot
Apolline Vremler Emmanuelle Bach
Philippe Deleuvre Philippe Magnan
Anne-Marie Carrere Sophie-Charlotte Husson
Karen Jina Djemba
Juliette Kapita Marianne Fabbro
Annie Vaneck Anne Loiret
Maitre Kelner Christophe Brault
Marianne Joly Sarah Grappin
Bataille Marc Pierret
Judge Nadege Magnier Francoise Gillard
Caroline Vitoz Claude Perron
Alcha Camille de Leu
Lionel Said Nicolas Bridet
Toufik Amir El Kacem
Sonia Elisbeth Commelin
Martin Palissy Guillaume Marquet
Valentine Parodi Romane Lucas
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