Hospital People

The Hospital Awards

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Hospital Awards



This sporadically funny spoof documentary has good moments but shows the perils of the mock-doc approach. Set in a regional hospital where several staff members are played by the versatile Tom Binns, it makes fun of characters like hopeless hospital DJ Ivan Brackenberry (“Reaching out and touching patients,” his jingle says) or a porter who thinks he’s a psychic healer (“That’s not pain you’re feeling, that’s post-pain euphoria”).

In the first episode, ambitious general manager Susan (Binns again) gets the star of a TV medical drama to visit – a nice turn from Alex Macqueen. But the comedy lines are mostly broad rather than scalpel sharp. And having broad, sitcommy gags in a mockumentary is like putting salad dressing on cornflakes: either is fine, but they don’t go together.


New series. Comedy following the lives of Brimlington hospital's inept DJ Ivan Brackenbury, its ambitious manager Susan Mitchell, porter and spirit medium Ian D Montfort and over-enthusiastic chaplain Fr Kenny Mercer - all played by Tom Binns. In the opening episode, Susan learns she has won the bid for Brimlington to host the Annual Regional Hospital Awards and bagged a star host for the evening, a veteran of long-running fictional hospital drama Good Medicine. Fr Kenny and Ivan vie for the Patients Choice Awards, while Ian is forced to face conventional medicine head on. With Alex Macqueen.

Cast & Crew

Ivan/Susan/Ian/Kenny Tom Binns
Sunny Amit Shah
Mrs Leydon Janine Duvitski
Shaz Mandeep Dhillon
Jeremy Lace Alex Macqueen
Nurse Barrett Sukhjeet Ojla
Jill Dellow Rosa Shepherd
Doctor Jacqueline Boatswain
Anaesthetist Richard Jack
Patient 2 Gary Kitching
Patient 3 Jonnie Price
Elderly patient Helen Russell
Wheelchair patient Oliver Wellington
Director Paul Murphy
Producer Emma Lawson
Writer Paul Doolan
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