The Supervet

Series 9 - Episode 1



All three canine patients brought in to Noel Fitzpatrick’s referral practice are in a bad way.

Pointer Hector has a major problem with his spine and needs surgery urgently. After being hit by a car, labradoodle Mitzi’s pelvis is crushed, but she may have a serious neck injury as well.

Zola, a giant leonberger, has an aggressive cancer that means her owners must decide whether to put her through treatment that may prolong her life but not necessarily give her a better quality of life. “We’re not out of the woods but we can see the fields,” Noel tells one set of distraught owners reassuringly. But others get the worst news possible.


Noel Fitzpatrick and his team return to provide more cutting-edge animal care. The professor's first patient is labradoodle Mitzi, who has been hit by a car - and Noel's biggest concern is that she may have suffered nerve damage, leaving her owners fearing the worst. Options are limited for 10-month-old German pointer Hector, who is struggling to walk - he must undergo spinal surgery or face the prospect of being put to sleep, while a Leonberger with a cancerous leg undergoes an operation to remove the tumour.

Cast & Crew

Director Ben Borland
Director Dane McDonald
Executive Producer Alex Sutherland
Producer Ben Borland
Producer Dane McDonald
Series Producer Lucy Kennedy
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