Damien Hirst by Harry Hill

Series 1 - Episode 5 Damien Hirst by Harry Hill



Damien Hirst and doctor-turned-comic Harry Hill have a surprising amount in common, not least their childlike enthusiasm, love of surprise and familiarity with formaldehyde. Hill is more of a celebrity outsider, though, and that permeates the large-collared comic’s often ribald profile of one of the most successful (and richest) British artists of recent years. But just when you feel Hill’s comic persona can never be serious or unselfconscious, we discover personal reflections on death, mortality and artistic inspiration and a lovely spin painting exercise with schoolchildren.

Hirst himself doesn’t show up in person, but the fabulously overdone fake Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas interviews more than make up for that.


Comedian Harry Hill pays homage to his idol Damien Hirst in a spoof documentary that tells the fascinating life story of the Turner Prize-winning artist.