The Lost Sheep

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Lost Sheep



Never move to Belgium. If this new crime thriller is to be believed, its justice system would free a serial murderer of children after just 20 years of a 30-year sentence, placing him entirely in the care of monks in a remote monastery.

Inhabitants of the tiny nearby forest-dwelling community are furious and protest vociferously. But it’s OK, because the killer is initially guarded by just one police officer, a woman who has clearly suffered some kind of childhood trauma that gives her terrible nightmares.

It’s a workmanlike and actually not-bad thriller, even if there are no surprises, though it’s almost comforting to know that even Belgian TV cops never “wait for back up!”


French-language drama following the release of a convicted child murderer, whose freedom coincides with the disappearance of a local girl.

Cast & Crew

Chloe Muller Stephanie Blanchoud
Michael Charlier Jean-Jacques Rausin
Lucas Stassart Clement Manuel
Guy Beranger Angelo Bison
Patrick Stassart Philippe Jeusette
Judith Stassart Laura Sepul
Vincent Stassart Vincent Londez
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