Trust Me I'm a Vet

Trust Me I'm a Vet

Series 1 - Episode 2



Fat cats – and dogs – are on the increase. Pet obesity is something all vets are concerned about, as overweight animals can suffer from similar health troubles to overweight humans. Steve Leonard and Alice Rhodes investigate how to help your pet lose weight (not sharing your custard creams with them might be a start).

Steve also makes one pet rabbit very happy by giving it space to jump, and a companion, while Alice explains which ordinary kitchen food can land your pet in A&E. And if you’ve ever wondered what your guinea pig is trying to say when it purrs or chatters its teeth, their “secret language” is explained here.


A team of practising vets use the latest veterinary research, access to world-leading experts and brand new science to seek out advice for taking care of your pet. In this episode, Steve Leonard and his team investigate the best ways to help your pet lose weight, witness a pioneering operation to improve the life of a paralysed Dachshund, decode the secret language of guinea pigs, and discover why, when it comes to rabbits, it is time to ditch the hutch.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Steve Leonard
Executive Producer Jacqueline Smith
Series Producer Matthew Barrett