Series 2 - Episode 12 Ramifications



Alice is brought back to life, Eliot discovers why he was banished from Fillory, and Reynard's mother pleads for his life. Fantasy drama, starring Jason Ralph.

Cast & Crew

Quentin Coldwater Jason Ralph
Julia Wicker Stella Maeve
Alice Quinn Olivia Taylor Dudley
William `Penny' Adiyodi Arjun Gupta
Eliot Waugh Hale Appleman
Margo Hanson Summer Bishil
Kady Orloff-Diaz Jade Tailor
Senator John Gaines Christopher Gorham
Fen Brittany Curran
Reynard Mackenzie Astin
Tick Pickwick Rizwan Manji
Sylvia Roan Curtis
Director Chris Fisher
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