Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre: Happy & Glorious

Michael McIntyre: Happy & Glorious



If you weren’t among the hordes who went to see McIntyre’s huge 2015 tour live, or subsequently got the DVD in your stocking, here’s a chance to enjoy his high-energy, feel-good McRoutines, recorded in front of 15,000 fans at the O2.

Typical jokes revolve around dressage (“Is that really a sport?”) or the toilets at motorway service stations or the poshness of Waitrose. There’s a routine about giving your kids Calpol via syringe that will ring bells for parents and uses McIntyre’s gift for physical comedy – his act is as much prancing and capering over the stage as delivering gags. Plus, as a boon for anyone weary of election intrigue – it’s a politics-free zone.


A chance to see a show from the popular stand-up star's 2015 tour of the UK and Ireland, recorded as-live at the O2 in London. Returning to a venue he has visited 27 times in the past, more than any other artist in the world, Michael showcases his particular brand of wit, taking aim once again at some of the absurdities of everyday life.

Cast & Crew

Performer Michael McIntyre
Executive Producer Andrew Beint
Executive Producer Joe Norris
Executive Producer Danny Julian
Executive Producer Helen Parker
Producer Anthony Caveney
Producer Mia Cross
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