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It’s 1993 and Barbara Windsor’s career is in the doldrums as she does one-night shows in cheap seaside venues. But the ghosts of her past come crowding in and the years peel away to reveal her younger self…

Tony Jordan’s sympathetic, sentimental biopic is brilliantly acted by Samantha Spiro (as older Babs) and Jaime Winstone, though the conceit – the loved and lost “visit” Barbara in the theatre – takes a while to get going.

Nick Moran is Barbara’s adored dad, a man who turned his back on his daughter after an acrimonious divorce from her mum, but who returns to comment on the various stages of Barbara’s life – her nightclub singing career, her movies and her men, notably that thieving rogue, Ronnie Knight.

Zoë Wanamaker makes every scene count as the mercurial, brilliant, bizarre director Joan Littlewood, and the real Dame Barbara Windsor makes a handful of cameo appearances.


Biopic of Barbara Windsor, following the key events of the actress' life over the course of 50 years. The story begins in 1993, with the actress preparing for a stage performance shortly before joining the cast of EastEnders. She looks back to her childhood as a lonely evacuee in the Second World War, her rise to fame in the Carry On films and her difficult relationships with her father and her first husband, gangster Ronnie Knight. Samantha Spiro, Jaime Winstone, Honor Kneafsey and Windsor herself share the lead role.

Cast & Crew

Babs Samantha Spiro
Barbara Jaime Winstone
Herself Barbara Windsor
Teenage Barbara Honor Kneafsey
Child Barbara Florence Keen
John Deeks Nick Moran
Rose Deeks Leanne Best
Ronnie Knight Luke Allen-Gale
Peter Charlesworth Alex Macqueen
Scott Mitchell Charlie Archer
Joan Littlewood Zoe Wanamaker
Brian Mickey Nathan Harmer
Aida Foster Marty Cruickshank
Johnny Brandon Lewis Kirk
Peter Noble Jonathan Rhodes
Monsieur Vincent Laurent Maurel
Ronnie Scott Ross Green
Slim Cattan Jacob Krichefski
Cliff James Atherton
Neil Todd Von Joel
Stan Dean Roberts
Jayne Mansfield Jerry-Jane Pears
Lionel Bart Daniel Ben Zenou
Chuck Lewis Maiella
Charlie Kray Toby Wharton
Ronnie Kray/Reggie Kray Rob Compton
Gerald Thomas Nicholas Asbury
Kenneth Williams Robin Sebastian
Bernard Cribbins Rob Hughes
Warren Beatty Tom Forbes
Shepard Coleman Joe Stilgoe
Julie Deeks Julia Ford
Producer Peter Hamilton Dyer
Rosie's lawyer Matthew Bates
Divorce judge Robert East
Wardrobe mistress Cally Lawrence
Shoe Shop Manageress Sue Elliott-Nicholls
Woman in shoe shop Hannah Hutch
Man in shoe shop Tom Machell
Jayne's assistant Rebecca Lee
Young actress Nicola Munns
Hat girl Rose Robinson
Director Dominic Leclerc
Producer Jules Hussey
Writer Tony Jordan
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