Series 3 - Episode 4 Manipulations



With assassinations, a presidential pregnancy scandal, an unhinged First Lady and high-profile journalist kidnappings, in any other year the fictional French general election in this drama might feel preposterous. Yet real politics in France, the USA, and here in Britain, where we're suddenly in the throes of an election of our own, somewhat dims its shock factor.

As France races to the ballots, journalist Juliette (daughter of spin doctor Simon Kapita and his ex-wife, journalist Apolline Vremier) finds out about her mother's capture in the Middle East, and must attempt to rescue her, with her father's help.

He, meanwhile, is preoccupied with the tabloids’ exposure of the pregnancy of President Marjorie's mistress, Clémence. The action and dialogue are as sharp as anything on TV this week.


In the run-up to a presidential election, an assassination sends shockwaves through the corridors of power and President Alain Marjorie must fight fire on all fronts. Kapita, who is haunted by what he witnessed during the attack and receiving psychological counselling, seems to be more and more disillusioned by the manoeuvrings of power. Meanwhile, Marjorie, who is trapped in a devastating personal and political earthquake, must find the resources to ensure his political survival. Nicolas Marie, Carole Bouquet and Bruno Wolkowitch star. In French.

Cast & Crew

Elisabeth Marjorie Carole Bouquet
Simon Kapita Bruno Wolkowitch
Alain Marjorie Nicolas Marie
Ludovic Desmeuze Gregory Fitoussi
Clemence Parodi Rachida Brakni
Maxime Beaugendre Laurent Lucas
Robert Palissy Yves Pignot
Apolline Vremler Emmanuelle Bach
Philippe Deleuvre Philippe Magnan
Anne-Marie Carrere Sophie-Charlotte Husson
Karen Jina Djemba
Juliette Kapita Marianne Fabbro
Annie Vaneck Anne Loiret
Helene Sacco Anne Benoit
Caroline Vitoz Claude Perron
Bataille Marc Pierret
Tony Morillon Serge Biavan
Judge Nadege Magnier Francoise Gillard
Alcha Camille de Leu
Louise Deleuvre Christiane Cohendy
Toufik Amir El Kacem
Sonia Elisbeth Commelin
Valentine Parodi Romane Lucas
Sebastien Jean-Philippe Puymartin
Andrew Kent Jonathan Maite
Judge Courseau Bruno Paviot
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