The Zoo

Series 7 - Episode 1



For fans of Channel 4’s long-running docusoap The Secret Life of the Zoo, it’s worth knowing that this Eden series offers similar insights into the day-to-day challenges of zookeepers and vets, though in this case we’re embedded at Dublin Zoo.

Series seven begins with a double bill tonight as keepers discover that one of the gorillas in their seven-strong troop may be pregnant. The apes live in the luxuriously landscaped “Gorilla Rainforest”, (although to be honest, it doesn’t look much like a rainforest) but elsewhere there’s room for improvement: keepers are sprucing up the meerkat habitat to give them more grasses and plants to rummage through – so hopefully they’ll fight less.


There is excitement in the air at the Gorilla Rainforest area, when the zookeepers discover that one of the apes may be pregnant. The animal care team makes some improvements to the meerkat habitat, and vets are called in to the South American House to treat a two-toed sloth.