Fake! The Great Masterpiece Challenge

Kings and Queens

Series 1 - Episode 2 Kings and Queens



Once again Giles Coren and art historian Rose Balston test whether the public can spot a specially commissioned fake, which this week has been planted in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. It’s a jolly wheeze that raises interesting questions about authenticity and artistic inspiration, though it may not quite be “one of the boldest swindles in art history”, as Coren grandly claims.

Once again it also badly needs an art expert or academic brave enough to test their eye for fakery. OK, it could be career-ending for any specialist, but it would at least put the efforts of the poor, untrained public into much-needed perspective.


At the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, Giles Coren and Rose Balston challenge members of the public to spot copyist Jonathan Adams' audacious fake.
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