Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

Series 1 - Episode 2 Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

Thu 5 Nov 1:50am - 3am W


Presented with a whole, fluorescent-painted guinea pig cooked by Monica Galetti, Giles Coren manfully accepts the challenge of eating the Ecuadorean speciality. He’s less keen on taking a gondola cable car above the cloud forest and is positively terrified of his night walk through the jungle where he’s “attacked” by a “revolting butterfly the size of a cat”.

While he’s squealing and screaming, Monica calmly investigates what it takes to run Mashpi Lodge, a modernist, glass-walled eco-hotel high up in the forest. “It’s like being in Jurassic Park,” she gasps on arrival. Except there are no dinosaurs. Just stunning views, 90 per cent humidity and an army of staff serving guests every luxury.


Giles Coren and Monica Galetti work at Mashpi Lodge in Ecuador, which is 900 metres above sea level and features a gondola cable car that transports guests a mile through the rainforest canopy. The pair reveal the challenges of delivering the highest standards of experience in the midst of teeming wildlife, mud and moisture, as well as the eco-tourism that is saving thousands of species, and also spend time with their new co-workers at home, hearing moving stories of how local people's lives have been transformed by the arrival of the hotel.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Giles Coren
Presenter Monica Galetti
Series Producer Rebecca Templar