Prime Suspect 1973

Prime Suspect 1973

Series 1 - Episode 5



In Prime Suspect 1973’s most disturbing scenes yet we are exposed to the full sartorial horrors of a 1970s wedding, all floaty Laura Ashley-type dresses and big hats as Jane is bridesmaid for her vacuous sister.

But her thoughts are always on her job and on her detective inspector boyfriend so she barely stays for the cutting of the cake before heading back to the nick. As for the object of her affection, he’s barking on about the bank robbery and adopting a risky strategy aimed at getting the evil Bentley family banged up once and for all.

We all know he’s going to pay heavily, particularly when Jane (Stefanie Martini) warns him he’s making a mistake.


Bradfield sees a chance to get revenge on Clifford and diverts the team to carry out surveillance on the Bentleys - and when Tennison learns of the operation, she is forced to make a split-second decision as to what is most important, her career or her family? As Bradfield uncovers more details about the heist, he faces the disapproval of his colleagues as he becomes determined to catch them in the act.

Cast & Crew

Jane Tennison Stefanie Martini
DI Len Bradfield Sam Reid
Clifford Bentley Alun Armstrong
DS Spencer Gibbs Blake Harrison
Sergeant Harris Andrew Brooke
DC Ashton Daniel Ezra
Kath Morgan Jessica Gunning
DC Edwards Joshua Hill
DC Hudson Tommy McDonnell
Renee Bentley Ruth Sheen
John Bentley Lex Shrapnel
Andrew Tennison Nick Sidi
Joyce Tennison Geraldine Somerville
David Bentley Jay Taylor
Pam Tennison Rosie Day
Ashley Brennan Neil Hancock
Clay Whiteley Dorian Lough
DCS Metcalfe Colin Mace
Jeremy Dunford Stuart McQuarrie
Danny Mitcham Nick Nevern
Paula Nneka Okoye
Hebe Charlotte Palmer
Silas Manato Anthony Skordi
Adapted By Glen Laker
Director David Caffrey
Executive Producer Camilla Campbell
Executive Producer Robert Wulff-Cochrane
Producer Rhonda Smith
Writer Lynda La Plante
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