The Repair Shop

Series 1 - Episode 1



You know how occasionally on Antiques Roadshow they get the kind of heirloom that has taken some knocks over the years and looks the worse for wear? Well, this is a charming new series that lets people take treasures like that to be restored by craftsmen who like a challenge.

It’s on at the same time all this week and I defy you not to be drawn in by its tales of cherished possessions brought back to life. We begin with a beautiful old accordion that 94-year-old Iris played in bomb shelters during the Blitz, but which needs some TLC from expert Roger. And clock repairer Steve puts on two pairs of glasses to peer at a treasured timepiece that has stopped chiming.


The team of experts tries to restore three family heirlooms and treasured possessions to their former glory, working on a clock, a carving of a flying fish and an accordion.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Bill Paterson
Executive Producer Sam Wilson
Executive Producer Rob Butterfield
Series Producer Emma Walsh