All Round to Mrs Brown's

All Round to Mrs Brown's

Series 1 - Episode 1



Bow down, Ricky Gervais, James Corden and Miranda Hart. Sniffy critics, too. The viewers have spoken; Mrs Brown’s Boys triumphs in the ratings every Christmas. It’s also tops with RT readers; last summer you voted it your Best British Sitcom of the 21st Century. I wouldn’t go quite that far myself but admit I snigger at the antediluvian innuendo, often howl at Agnes’s pratfalls and the corpsing among the cast, while groaning at the lame set-ups and Mammy’s twee homilies. It’s a queasy mix but the BBC is hungry for more. It has Brendan O’Carroll in a headlock to pump out festive specials until 2020, and meantime they’ve souped up this new vehicle for his team.

The shtick is that Cathy (Jennifer Gibney) interviews celebs and zelebs, while Agnes/Mammy (O’Carroll) has a revealing natter with some of their mothers. It’s a wonder they can muster anyone game enough for this potentially excruciating spectacle. But in this first show, they’ve lassoed Pamela Anderson, Louis Walsh and Judy Murray (yes, we meet Judy’s mum, not her boys). We’re promised “audience shenanigans”, whatever they entail, and music from James Blunt.


Mrs Brown's Boys creator, writer and star Brendan O'Carroll dons Agnes's famous cardigan and curlers once again, throwing open the doors of the larger-than-life Irish matriarch's home to host a Saturday night chat show, filmed in front of a live studio audience. She begins by inviting actress Pamela Anderson, tennis coach Judy Murray and entertainments manager and TV personality Louis Walsh, among others to join her in the sitting room.

Cast & Crew

Host Brendan O'Carroll
Jennifer Gibney
Paddy Houlihan
Danny O'Carroll
Pat `Pepsi' Shields
Eilish O'Carroll
Dermot O'Neill
Conor Moloney
Fiona Gibney
Rory Cowan
Fiona O'Carroll
Amanda Woods
Martin Delany
Guest Pamela Anderson
Guest Judy Murray
Guest Shirley Erskine
Guest Louis Walsh
Guest James Blunt
Director John L Spencer
Executive Producer Dan Baldwin
Executive Producer Andy Price
Executive Producer Neil McCallum
Series Producer Toby Brack
Series Producer Fiona Gibney
Writer Brendan O'Carroll
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